our team

“We’ve taken many different paths to change the monotony of business, but we share a common purpose: to create happiness and have fun while we’re doing things.”

Team Wizard comprises of dynamic individuals with a passion for change management and depth in their respective area of expertise. The team comprises of dedicated team players who bring energy, ideas and pride to their work. It is a place where smart, motivated and creative people succeed.

We are a team of professionals who are committed to providing superior service, have the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver timely, well targeted, and affordable solutions to our customers. Our people carry the necessary work experience and expertise required for designing and delivering a successful MICE project.
We work on the motto of working as a consultant and not as a vendor to our customers.

The young team with a go getter attitude does a meticulous detailing of each project to ensure smooth workflow.

Here we create and inculcate a culture of growth and built up our capabilities that make our company unique. Once you take the time to find out what we're all about, we're confident you'll like what you see.

Kapil Arora – Director Sales & Operations

Kapil is a serial entrepreneur with couple of very successful business ventures to his credit. Starting from IT hardware then moving on to mobility and now in the MICE space he has always started things from scratch, dirtied his hands and tasted success with his hard work and tactical thinking.

Rohit Ahuja – Director Business Development

Rohit has this indomitable spirit of experimenting with something new every time. From being a part of the corporate world while working with some of the global organizations to startups in the software space and now into MICE, he has always been a sales enthusiast and has driven things from the front.

Team Wizard “ the magic weavers”