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Indigo Consulting Annual Kickoff

Indigo Consulting is a digital transformation and digital marketing agency based in India. The customer desired a hybrid event, with top management broadcasting live from the office and the staff participating digitally.

Given that Indigo Consulting is a creative business, the work was a little difficult given the customer’s expectations. With two sessions scheduled for the morning and evening, the creative work required a great deal of thought and precision.

Separate mailers were designed around the basic concept, for morning and evening sessions, in order to generate excitement about the event. The real shoot was set up in the client’s office, and the event was aired live using our virtual platform, giving the audience a flawless and uninterrupted experience. The distinct experience was the immediate distribution of prizes to honorees shortly before their names were called.

Agilent Annual Meet

Agilent, a global leader in science and technology, desired an engaging Annual Meet 2021. The need was to have a formal business session in the first half with members of the senior management team arriving from various places, followed by a fun-filled R&R session in the evening. The aim was to run a whole live event without any difficulties.

Because the messaging and implications in both sessions were different, the communication and graphics were developed properly and in accordance with the demand.

Mailers were created to inform people about the event and generate excitement. The entire event was provided utilizing our virtual platform, and the audience had an uninterrupted experience. The distinct experience was the immediate distribution of prizes to awardees shortly before their names were called.

Carnegie – Global Technology Summit

Global Technology Submit is a Carnegie India yearly event that focuses on knowledge exchange on a wide range of issues. The event, which is hosted in partnership with the Ministry of External Affairs, features notable global speakers. 


Due to the pandemic, this year’s 5-day summit was held digitally, and we collaborated with Carnegie to achieve the following:

  • Using digital media to attract an audience for the event
  • Completing an end-to-end Data Marketing Solution
  • Providing a virtual event platform to improve user experience


The execution went smoothly and this is how we did it:

  • Planning & execution of the complete digital campaign with various publishers 
  • Data marketing and managing registration reports
  • Providing the virtual platform for conducting the entire event
  • Pre-recording of sessions & broadcasting of LIVE sessions
  • Broadcasting the sessions on various social media pages

Cisco India Partner Confluence

CIPC is Cisco’s largest annual channel partner event, through which the company connects with its important channel partners in India and the SAARC region. The following were the goals of the two-day virtual event:

  • Sessions in real-time
  • Acquiring an audience
  • Branding and communication
  • Assembling the entire show, including internal and external sessions
  • World of Solutions- Demo sessions of various solution offerings


The execution went off without a hitch, and here’s how we did it:

  • Planned and carried out the whole communication strategy
  • Complete RSVP administration
  • Sequencing the entire show flow and controlling the sessions in real-time
  • 18 virtual demo sessions were managed flawlessly

Palo Alto Networks - CISO Meet

Instead of a conventional zoom call, the purpose of the meeting was to connect with CIOs from diverse industry verticals in an intriguing discussion. The goals were as follows:

  • Increasing CIO awareness of product offers
  • Dynamically arrange sessions so that business discussions may be enjoyable and interesting


The execution was flawless, and here’s how we accomplished it:

  • Planned a cook-along session with Chef Ranveer Brar and the CSO of Palo Alto 
  • All CIOs were sent a cooking kit 
  • The dishes were planned in a way that they can have some business discussion around them
  • In between cooking, the Chef and CSO discussed some pre-planted questions
  • CIOs also asked questions related to dishes and related to products from the team

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